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Universal Laws

The Book-Essay Heads and Tails is online
Un lavoro importante, parla di un’anima che diventa grande, descrive le tappe di un’evoluzione e in ogni punto dona un’indicazione.
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An important work, it speaks of a soul becoming great, describes the stages of an evolution and at each point gives an indication.

The direction is that of Creation with the rules that He has given. The Laws of the Absolute Model are described here as an instrument of help, a book that knows how to enucleate the knowledge that is not only to be recounted, but enters powerfully into the events of people's lives; it uses a particular code given by the number and the letter that must be analysed so that they can reveal the spiritual objective of each person; it is the moment of birth together with the proper name that goes with it, where it is easy to discover the arcana that indicate the flow, with universal laws of memories linked to the ancestral.

Symbols tell of updates that are archetypes of changes, under the eyes they clarify the wonder that is easy to guess: reality is synchronic beauty.
These words, chiselled because that is how they are commanded, have reached Dr Flaccomio and he has masterfully passed them on.


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