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Universal Laws

Synchronic Realities
Flaviana Fusi  

Synchronicity or when nothing happens by chance. It is said that nothing happens by chance: what we call coincidences or randomness are actually the result of synchronicity. Find out more!

  • The impelling desire to explain to his daughter Bianca how much he loves her is the warning of this book.
  • Flaviana Pier Elena Fusi's pen glides over the page, as if driven by a magnetic force, trapping her in a universe made up of concepts and words that are new to her: numerology, sicronicity, entanglement, reincarnation, esotericism.
  • It is his daughter's face always printed in front of him, it is the immersion in that sea-green gaze that unites their eyes and makes them tell of previous lives, ancient stories of Vestals and Knights Templar. Forces that echo in the meanders of knowledge, to bring back to the present a knowledge that was thought to be lost.
  • A true story, where the places call the author back to give her those pieces of soul that have been trapped there since time immemorial.
  • A life is recomposed with the truth and indissoluble power of love. Love,
What society lacks is the recognition that we live in a world that is magical because it is mysterious.

To recognise that we ourselves are a real enigma within a Universe that will never, ever be understood in its essence is to take a first step in the direction of Truth.

Flaviana Fusi
Flaviana Fusi

Writer and Editorial Manager

Edoardo Flaccomio
Edoardo Flaccomio

Writer and Publisher

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Realta sincroniche
Synchronic Realities: a sledge that ventures into the paths of knowledge.

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