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Universal Laws

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Let me introduce myself: I am the Biblios website.

A space of the net, where I tell what happens. Books are produced here, the real ones, dictated by passion, enthusiasm and the desire to communicate, not just emotions, but sincere messages. Here, there are books: the ones that spring from someone's pen. A soul who writes and who becomes an author with me.

Here, authors are born, the real ones, who narrate life by filling it with words. All of them, here with me. The creator of this new space is Edoardo Flaccomio, an Amorrean clinging to the Earth's parallels. He spins so vortically in the ether that he uses words to outline its coordinates.                                                                                                                  This is how his books are born: from the need to trace a journey, in which he can accompany anyone to the desired destination.

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Everyone was faced with seemingly impossible challenges, but for some enlightened people they proved possible and naturally surmountable. That passage took place at the same time as a series of quantum entanglements, dictated by rules, or rather, universal laws, which, acting synchronously, have given new awareness; laying the foundations of what we can call Universal Consciousness. 

The laws of the Absolute Model have prevailed since time immemorial, but only a select few were given the knowledge and the inherent power. Thanks to special people, they have come down to the present day, so that finally, we can all understand them, but above all put them to use in decoding our own existence.

Edoardo Flaccomio
Why choose us
Years of experience

A community of authors who have transformed their lives with the knowledge of universal laws according to the paradigm: The DIVINE is in you and outside you. We too can begin to understand the true Universal Laws, those that govern life in the Universe, and make them our own. 

Community of writers

Proud to tell their stories, they speak of disappointments, fears, expectations; life stories deciphered through the lens of Knowledge, in which one can recognise oneself, because the fragment is inserted in the totality and the totality in the fragment.


A book-essay, an innovative literary genre which is one of the best tools to support your personal growth. If you are looking for a book that can be read with fluidity and passion and at the same time provides you with vital elements to support your evolution, then this book will be a pleasant surprise for you.