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Personal growth with Book-Essay

Biblios offers unpublished texts that narrate the universal laws necessary for good living. In this epochal moment, change demands a return to the centrality of the human figure. Here is all the information you need to enter the world of Biblios.

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Together for Life and by Life

Biblios edizioni is a new publishing house, which in jargon is called emerging. It has been emerging since time immemorial and is now emerging as a house, in the specific sense of a building that contains, cares for, educates and promotes personal growth. A family nucleus that welcomes its authors in an ultra-dimensional space, because with a book, it is well known, one remains in the infinite memory of space and time. 

Here the Universal Laws of ancient knowledge reign supreme; the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have a fundamental value for Biblios. The publisher, Dr Edoardo Flaccomio, makes available his thirty years of study with the French kabbalist Dominique Aubier, with whom he was the author of a sensational discovery: the 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet: the glyph is used as a distinctive symbol of the Biblios brand, which gathers and makes manifest in the House, its intrinsic power. 

Biblios rides time and its natures with the writings it publishes. Topics are divided into thematic series marked by a graphic symbol, an archetype, whose purpose is to identify the characteristic of the theme addressed in the texts that are part of it. The book series is the one that is identified with the publishing house itself and whose peculiarity is to attribute to each volume, a different Hebrew letter, corresponding to the vibration of the topic inserted. 

The bulwark is the Testa e Croce book series, 3rd Aster Academy world prize, whose author is the publisher Edoardo Flaccomio himself. The distinctive features of this series are the spiritual themes, which are also evident from the sobriety of the covers, referring to ancient texts. Biblios is more than a publishing house, it is a mission of creation for a new world.

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Edorado Flaccomio
Edoardo Flaccomio

Edoardo Flaccomio is a publisher, professor, science cabalist and writer. Born in 1957, winner of poetry and non-fiction prizes, he entered the field at a crucial time with the intention of making a contribution to the well-being of society. His literary aptitude specialised in book essays, a term he coined, which led him to achieve third place in the world with his book Testa e Croce, an exemplary fusion of science and religion. His publishing house will be present from 14 October to 18 October 2021 at the salone del libro in Turin. The book essays are his innovative idea aimed at highlighting the ancestral Laws that were silenced by the initiates of the distant past due to human ignorance. They change the perception of life by providing innovative answers to the fundamental questions of the human being.

Why Universal Laws
Always improving

Transform your life with the knowledge of universal laws: The DIVINE is in you and out of you

We are all interrelated

Everything that happens in Nature affects us. Every event, every encounter, situation and juncture serves our evolution.

Awareness of knowledge

We have to become aware of the fact that Knowledge is a Law that accompanies us throughout life. There will never be a time when you know everything or have learned everything. 

Our potential

Investing in yourself

Investing in ourselves is the best and only solution we have to improve the quality of our lives; at work, in our relationships and in our relationship with ourselves, when we can look inside ourselves and feel satisfied with ourselves!


Mindfulness is the ability to observe and understand reality as it really is, beyond our mental schemes, prejudices and points of view. Why is it so important? Because it allows you to discover what will really make you happy.


The knowledge derived exclusively from the human mind, which we regard as the only knowledge possible, is in reality limited and often erroneous. Someone in the world of Spirit has a much broader point of view than the average human and, consequently, the knowledge derived from him is broader and truer. This is what we identify as "true knowledge".

We create our own reality

If everyone on the planet knew this and put it into practice, we would create a different world. 

The power of love

Love is one of the most powerful forces that exist on this planet. Its strength lies in the power of attraction. When you express love, you develop a frequency that, like a magnet, attracts more love.


The Universe as a system was born from an apparently obscure hole, but in reality a supreme light that points to the Creator, a divine force that manifested itself in drawing up from the initial point an internal space that constitutes a true vibratory field.

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We often hear that investing in yourself is the best investment we can make, but how do I invest in myself? Extremely inexpensive, personal growth books are a great way to invest in ourselves and our future Personal growth books make you think, they open your mind and are really an endless source of inspiration and education because they focus on the person, they appeal to human nature. Reading these books has to be very calm, not everything has to be clear to us right away. Each of us must apply the words we read to our own lives, to our own being. We recommend reading these texts with pen and paper. It can be extremely helpful to write down a few sentences or concepts of particular importance, or that you simply like. Rereading the notes after a few days will also help you remember concepts from the book that you may have forgotten.

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